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Deception Detective

Deception Deck

Deception Deck

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This isn't just a deck of cards — it's the quickest way to master Deception Detection! Become a human lie detector with 52 exciting flash cards. Each card reveals a unique way to spot fibs, featuring easy-to-memorize rules and real-life examples. 

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  • Words & Phrases

    Since speech is influenced by one’s entire range of knowledge, liars can unintentionally reveal themselves through their choice of words.

  • Grammar

    Because grammar is instinctive, it often reveals much about the speaker. Certain grammatical constructs can disclose what the speaker knows.

  • Cues

    Research has identified specific linguistic cues that can signal deception, transcending cultural and demographic differences.

  • Concepts

    In the field of deception detection, expertise goes beyond just spotting deception. Eliciting statements is also a critical component.


How do I use the cards?

On the front of each card, you'll find a unique word, grammatical rule, cue, or concept related to identifying lies. Flip the card to see the explanation of the rule (in a white box) and an illustrative example below it. Some cards have a QR code to access to additional materials like videos and other examples of the rule. For effective learning, learn the cards by category: Words & Phrases, Grammar, Cues, and Concepts. Then, shuffle the deck to test your recall.

Do I need these cards to learn Deception Detection?

Not at all! While the Deception Deck is a great tool, you don't necessarily need it to learn. Everything on the cards is also freely available on the Deception Detective YouTube channel. The cards are designed to be a fun and simple way to accelerate the learning process and to practice the skills.

What are the product specs? 

The cards are 100% plastic and measure 63mm x 88mm (2.48" x 3.46"), making them perfect for easy handling and learning on the go!